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Accounting & Tax
How To Know If A Business Name Is Taken
15 min | Nathan Watt
Naming your business can be tricky. It certainly consumes a lot of mental energy for some people when starting a business and many a consultant has made a fortune coming up with names and brands for businesses. Then even when you’ve got something you think is great, how are you to know if a business is taken?
General Mortgage Broking
Funding Position; More Important Than Borrowing Capacity?
10 min | Nathan Watt
When you're looking to buy a house, it's pretty natural to look at "how much will the bank lend us"?
General Mortgage Broking
Should You Buy Your Business Premises?
15 min | Nathan Watt
I regularly get asked from business owners whether they should buy their business premises instead of rent, and my advice is always the same. You need to look at this through two different lens’;
Accounting & Tax
4 Common Mistakes Small Business Make With The ATO
5 min | Nathan Watt
Tax is in Australia is complicated, that’s why we have one of the highest rates of tax agent dependence in the world, but even that doesn’t stop these mistakes from happening and with the tax office’s super smart algorithms tracking your every interaction and building a risk profile about your business and its directors, you can’t afford to make these mistakes any longer.