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Accounting & Tax
How Much Tax Do You Pay On Dividends?
5 min | Nathan Watt
A common question we get from people is how much tax they need to pay if they were issued with dividends from their company.
Business Consulting
How to quit your job and start a business (by someone who is doing it right now).
15 min | Nathan Watt
It’s scary, I know, quitting your job when you’ve got a family depending on you. You’ve built a life around an income – a mortgage, young kids, bills to pay, a standard of living you’d like to keep and a retirement that’s approaching all too fast (well, kind of).
Accounting & Tax
4 Common Mistakes Small Business Make With The ATO
5 min | Nathan Watt
Tax is in Australia is complicated, that’s why we have one of the highest rates of tax agent dependence in the world, but even that doesn’t stop these mistakes from happening and with the tax office’s super smart algorithms tracking your every interaction and building a risk profile about your business and its directors, you can’t afford to make these mistakes any longer.
Accounting & Tax
Personal Services Income: A Beginner’s Guide
5 min | Nathan Watt
Personal Services Income, or PSI, is given as a reward for an individual's personal efforts and skills. At least, that's how the Australian Tax Office sums it up. When it comes to your taxes, PSI is a common type of income for Sole Traders and individuals who earn money through an interposed entity (consultants and contractors) like a company or family trust.