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Accounting & Tax
Director Identification Number | Coming Soon…Apparently
15 min | Nathan Watt
This may come as surprising to you. I know it is to me, but maybe that’s just my inner conspiracy theorist, that the Fed’s don’t have a good grasp of who the directors of companies in Australia are.
Business Consulting
Founder’s Feast 2018
10 min | Nathan Watt
I’m a big believer that if you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen. So, one morning in the shower (where I do all my best thinking), I pondered, what if I put together an event with the best business people in town, who may not know each other, what could come of it?
Accounting & Tax
Register For GST
15 min | Nathan Watt
How do you register for GST? And what happens when you do register for GST? Find out this and how you become the nation's (unpaid) tax collector. Exciting times right? Let’s get into it.
Business Consulting
How Do You Make More Sales?
5 min | Nathan Watt
No, we’re not launching a marketing service, so what do we know about making more sales? Apart from growing Watson & Watt from nothing to something in the last 5 years I know that more sales is actually business strategy, not marketing & sales.