Frequently Asked Questions When it comes to finance, banking, compliance, and investing, you can never ask too many questions. We are happy to answer them. Below is a selection of the most common questions we hear.

How fast is your fast track service?

Our standard delivery time is no more than 14 days. If that’s not fast enough we also offer 7 day and 48 hour turnarounds (conditions apply) for those times when it really can’t wait.

How can you do it that fast? My accountant takes months, are you cutting corners?

The reason why jobs take so long with other accountants is because the work sits on people’s desk, waiting to be started, waiting on info from you, waiting to be reviewed, waiting for the partner to sign off on.


We’ve designed our processes to eliminate all the waiting. We won’t start the work until we have all the info (don’t worry we will send you a checklist of what we need & let you know & follow you up if things are missing). Once it’s started it’s constantly being worked on until it’s completed and out to you.

Does that mean you won't have any questions for me once it's started?

It’s possible, but highly unlikely but we’ve factored this into our process, and provided the queries are answered in the specified time frame we can still deliver the completed work on time.

How long do I have to get back to you on the queries?

It depends on the delivery time you’ve selected. If it’s a 48hr delivery, we need the info within 90mins, if it’s 7 days, you’ve got 24hrs, if it’s 14 days, you’ve got 48hrs. Outside these times we won’t be able to deliver on time.

Do you charge more than other accountants?

We believe our pricing is competitive. You will only pay more for the 7 day and 48hr fast track services.

How much more?

48 hours = 100% surcharge.

7 days = 50% surcharge.

Who is your consulting service for?

Any business looking to improve and willing to do something about it.

Do you have consulting packages?

No. We don’t believe businesses fit into nice little packages. Every business has its own needs so our approach is to meet with you and discuss what you are trying to achieve. From there we will recommend a course of action.

Do you have any proof that your consulting is of any benefit.

Only our client testimonials. We can tell you how good we are u till the cows come home, but the real proof is the impact it’s had on real businesses. Head over here to read the testimonials (and no they’re not from Mum – well maybe one is).

Will I get a bill every time I contact you?

No. We will only ever issue an invoice where we’ve given you something of value. Most of the time you will know in advance what the price is and what you are getting.

What are your invoice terms? When do I have to pay you?

Due to the speed of our turnaround, we issue invoices on receipt of your information. Our standard payment terms are 7 days, however 48 hour turnarounds require payment in advance.

What payment methods do you have?

You can pay via EFT, BPAY or Credit Card (surcharges apply).  All the details will be listed on your invoice.

Have a Question?

Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.