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The Story of Watson & Watt

I grew up in a small business family with my parents and brother both having started their own businesses, and I saw first-hand how hard it was when they couldn’t make sense of the tax system or what their accountant was saying. I saw the pain and frustration when they couldn’t get the help they so desperately wanted to build a business that wasn’t 100% reliant on them working more.

But I didn't go straight into business.

I spent my early career as a pastry chef and got an insight into the world of hospitality. A world of hot, sweaty, loud, physically demanding manual labour, of high performing teams and working under constant pressure of producing at high quality whilst meeting strict deadlines. But I knew the path I was on was not going to provide the life I wanted. I distinctly remember the moment when I realised it wasn’t enough, that it was never going to be enough for the life I wanted. So I hung up my apron and moved back home (thanks Mum) to study accounting and banking finance at QUT.

I completed my qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant in 2009, and went on to complete my MBA from the University of Queensland in 2012. I’ve also qualified as a certified Xero Adviser, a Registered Tax Agent, have a Certificate of Public Practice and became a Mentor with the QLD Government’s Mentoring For Growth Program.

So after many years in the industry working for other accounting firms, and trying to tell them how to run things, my wife and I, with two kids aged 18 months and 1 month old, sold our house and started Watson & Watt without a single client.

Today, we help over 100 families to get on the front foot with the tax man, and build the business they always dreamed of.

So I walk in your shoes.

I know how hard business is.

Because I'm a business owner too.

We are for business owners.

The ones who want to improve, who had a dream and are out there trying to build it day after day.

Everywhere you look, hard working small businesses are failing.

Not because they’re not good at what they do, work hard, or treat their customers and staff right.

Because they haven’t been 
given the right advice
why choose us
We give solutions, not just information
Experts who know the ATO
We understand how to navigate tax successfully
No surprise fees
No surprise invoices, our fees are fixed and agreed in advance
We are your growth partner
Pragmatic advisors with a focus on your profit
Your safe set of hands
We give confidence that your tax lodgements are up to date and under control
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