Client Background
We are for business owners, the ones who had a dream...
Studio Collective Interior Design, a small design company with three staff, set out to expand their business and reduce their reliance on the owners to handle every aspect of the operation. While they had ambitious goals, they lacked a clear path to achieve them and needed a trusted advisor to guide them forward.
The Challenge
Don’t settle for anything less than achieving that dream
Studio Collective Interior Design faced several key challenges as they aspired to grow:
  • Scaling the Business: With just three employees, they needed a strategy to expand and establish a more sustainable business model.
  • Ambitious Goals: They had clear goals but lacked the roadmap to reach them.
  • Advisor Trust: While they had an accountant for tax purposes, they needed a trusted advisor to provide comprehensive business guidance.
Our Solution
We're your financial performance partner, offering expert advice
Watson & Watt provided Studio Collective Interior Design with comprehensive accounting, tax, and business consulting services, addressing their specific needs:
Accounting & Tax Core
We managed income tax, financial statements, and fringe benefits, ensuring financial compliance.
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Tax Planning
Our tax planning provided strategic insights to optimize financial resources.
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Business Consulting
We introduced an accountability program, conducted performance check-ins, and facilitated Director Meetings to support their strategic business goals.
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The results
We are doing right, only doing it once
Our partnership had a profound impact on Studio Collective Interior Design:
  • Business Growth: They expanded into a team of ten and ventured into a complementary business, Custom Curtains and Blinds, which operates as a stand-alone business and employs several staff.
  • Targeted Sales: We helped them design a targeted sales process that enabled this remarkable growth.
  • Luxury Design: In their residential division, Studio Collective Interior Design is now involved in the interior design and furnishing of some of Brisbane's most luxurious homes.
  • National Reach: Their commercial division is busy designing beautiful retirement complexes across Australia.
Studio Collective Interior Design's success story is a testament to how expert guidance and comprehensive support can transform a small design company into a thriving business, expanding its horizons. If you're seeking a clear path to business growth, contact us today.