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Accounting & Tax
The Balance Sheet Explained
15 min | Nathan Watt
It’s not how much you make it’s how much you keep – right?
Accounting & Tax
Tax Planning 101
5 min | Nathan Watt
You can't plan to go to the beach, after you're already at the beach. The same goes for your taxes, you can't plan your taxes after the year is done. Get on the front foot with your taxes by following these simple steps to estimate your tax for the year and when the payments are due.
Business Consulting
Why 45% Of Small Business Starting Today Won’t Last 3 Years And What They Can Do About It
5 min | Nathan Watt
It's a staggering statistic isn’t it? Almost every 2nd business that starts this year, won’t exist in just 3 years. If you dig deeper into the data set (which you can find here), you also find that 20% of business fail in the first year! Not even 12 months in, and the business (and the dreams of the founders) are dashed.
Business Consulting
How To Massively Increase Your Profit Through Bundling
5 min | Nathan Watt
Do you want to know how smart businesses use one simple strategy to massively increase their profits?