How Can A Business Tax Accountant Help You?

You know the feeling. You wake up sensing something is amiss. You check for your phone, glasses, kids and dog—all good. So, what's that sinking feeling? Taxes! Dread creeps up your spine as you realize you still haven’t done your taxes. Don't you worry, there are professionals out there to help get your taxes done right and on time. Just call a business tax accountant.
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Call a What?

A business tax accountant! Imagine you have a heap of important papers, including legal ones that, if not handled correctly, could get you in a lot of trouble. Now imagine there is someone waiting on the other end of the phone, sitting upright and waiting to help you with all your business worries. Do you call? Of course, you call. That’s what this kind of accountant can do for you.

A business tax accountant is well versed in tax law—P.S. it changes all the time—policy changes, forms, filing deadlines, exemptions, deductions and all the stuff you don’t want to fill your head with. They are well trained and the really good ones not only have a passion for numbers—who knew?—but also for making sure you succeed no matter what stage of business you’re in.

You might have Marge, your mother’s best friend’s aunt, who does your tax each year. But she has to put her new grandkids first, so she hasn’t had time to read up on all the changing regulations, figure out what forms to use this year and won’t be able to file on time. You can’t be solely reliant on Marge—hire a professional.

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What Does a Business Tax Accountant Do?

Think about this—every move you make affects your business. Your business tax accountant will track those steps and report the important ones. Even if you have no idea where to start, you can meet with them, they’ll make a list of what you need, and then you bring it back to them. You really don’t have to do the work, just provide the paper trail—or electronic if you’ve upgraded to 2020.

Your accountant—that just sounds cool—can help you with a slew of business money and tax issues. They keep up to date on the ever-changing tax codes and laws and how to apply them to your unique situation. They will help you deal with:

You shouldn’t have to know what all that stands for. You have enough on your plate. You can get clarity and accountability over your own finances. Imagine how well you’d sleep at night knowing your finances and taxes are under control and being handled correctly and profitably.

What Services Can They Offer You?

Business tax accountants do more than just help you around tax time. Everything you do during the year will affect your taxes one way or the other, and there are ways to make things easier at the end of the financial year.

You can reach out to your tax professional during the year to understand the tax implications of buying or selling real estate, buying or selling securities and any other major financial decisions you want to make.

It doesn’t stop there. You have a ton of paperwork to do every single day. And because your business survives because of the products or services you offer, it makes sense the less time you spend pushing papers, the more you can spend on what actually makes your business profitable.

A tax accountant like us will help you maximize your deductions and use proactive tax strategies to save you time and money now and in the future. That’s all part of our core accounting and tax services.

Business Accounting

While it may not sound thrilling, it is necessary. Whether you’re just starting out, growing along your trajectory or established and thriving—a business tax accountant can work with you to develop the right short- and long-term financial strategies to fit your needs.

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You can ask your accountant about:

  • Payroll management—helping to ensure wages are paid on time, payroll tax calculations are attended to and all payments to your financial institution are uploaded for you to view and approve
  • Cashflow management—helping you to prioritize payments, so you stay in good standing with suppliers and creditors as well as collecting payments from customers in the most efficient way for your business
  • Monitoring—they can set up and forecast for different scenarios in case your financial situation changes throughout the year

Peace of Mind

It’s easy to feel out of control, unsure how profitable your business even is, let alone where the money for taxes will come from. Your business tax accountant can help put your mind at ease by showing you how to pay on time and no more than your fair share.

Think of your tax accountant as a silent and brilliant partner in your business. When you’re just not sure what financial decision is right for your future or that of your business, help is a call away. If you can’t see beyond the 14 hours you have to work today, you probably can’t even fathom how your money will last through next month or next year. You can get solid advice and strategy from your accountant. You can even test us out for free, right here

Now What?
Now, it’s your call. If you’re still on the fence, think about going through life trying to diagnose illness and prescribe medication to yourself without ever having gone to med school. It’s futile, scary and frustrating. It’s the same with doing your own tax preparation and accounting.

Your passion is what your business is all about—it’s what gets you excited in the morning and wakes you up in the middle of the night because you’ve just had another idea. It shouldn’t be what keeps you up at night because you’re unsure how your own finances are doing and if you can take the hit of tax season.

Let the pros like us do the work for you—we’re really good at it, so you don’t need to be. Test us out for free, here.

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