Client Background
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SEQ Drilling, a leading player in the utility projects industry, offers end- to-end solutions for civil construction, including trench digging and optic fiber installation. With a focus on delivering top-quality services, SEQ Drilling faced unique challenges tied to equipment investment, cash flow, and business sustainability.
The Challenge
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In an industry dependent on high-value equipment and skilled teams, SEQ Drilling grappled with multiple complexities:
  • Equipment Investment: The need for expensive equipment, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each, strained their financial resources.
  • Cash Flow Management: Working with clients who paid on a 30-day end-of- month cycle meant managing cash flow efficiently was paramount.
  • Sustainable Growth: As they secured more contracts and experienced rapid growth, the risk of growing broke was very real
Our Solution
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To address these challenges, SEQ Drilling turned to Watson & Watt for comprehensive accounting, tax, and business advisory services:
Accounting & Tax
We manage BAS, income tax, and financial statements, ensuring financial compliance and clarity.
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Tax Planning
Our team provided strategic tax planning to plan and minimize taxes.
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We handle the meticulous bookkeeping tasks, ensuring accurate, relevant and timely data for management.
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Business Consulting
We implemented an accountability program and performance check-ins to keep SEQ Drilling on track towards its goals.
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The results
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The results of our partnership have been transformative for SEQ Drilling:
  • Financial Clarity: SEQ Drilling now possesses real-time financial data, enabling better cash flow management. They have a clear understanding of tax obligations and are always on the front foot with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
  • Accountability: Our accountability program and performance check-ins have kept SEQ Drilling focused on task completion and goal achievement.
  • Strategic Connections: Leveraging our network of trusted professionals, we connected SEQ Drilling with an equipment finance broker who facilitated funding for essential equipment, supporting their growth trajectory.
  • Expanding Operations: Today, SEQ Drilling operates two full-time crews, delivering projects for a prestigious list of Tier 1 clients.