Client Background
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Making Strides, a leader in exercise physiology and physical therapies for individuals with spinal cord injuries, began as a venture between friends and colleagues in the industry. While the bond between founders was strong, the business faced unique challenges that demanded structure, communication, and strategic clarity.
The Challenge
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Operating a business with friends presents distinct challenges for Making Strides:
  • Governance and Communication: The founders needed a structured governance framework to maintain open lines of communication and ensure equitable roles and remuneration.
  • Strategic Direction: Clarifying the strategic direction of the business was essential for growth and long-term success.
  • Financial Management: With a fast-growing business, keeping up with bookkeeping and tax due dates caused stress.
Our Solution
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Watson & Watt provided comprehensive accounting, tax, and business consulting services to help Making Strides:
Accounting & Tax
We manage BAS, Fringe Benefits Tax, income tax, and financial statements. We simplified their bookkeeping process and took over lodgement obligations.
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Tax Planning
Our strategic tax planning ensured optimal tax and cash flow management.
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Business Consulting
We conduct monthly Director Meetings, provide ad hoc advisory services, developed cash flow forecasts, and conducted planning for various scenarios.
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The results
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The impact of our partnership has helped Making Strides get where it is today;
  • Milestone Achievement: Making Strides celebrated its 10-year anniversary, a testament to their sustained success.
  • Expansion: They opened a second location, extending their reach and impact and have people across the globe travelling to train with them.
  • World-Leading Clinical Trials: Making Strides became the rehab partner for a world-leading clinical trial in spinal injury treatment.
  • Improved Dynamics: With open communication, aligned core values, clear strategic direction, and clear roles and responsibilities the leadership team is stronger and more cohesive.
  • Financial Peace: Making Strides operates with confidence, knowing deadlines will be met, and financials, tax and cash are in order.