Client Background
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Luke and Kate, driven by their passion for the fitness industry, embarked on a journey to take control of their destiny and become business owners. They invested in a rapidly growing franchise and quickly found themselves expanding into multiple territories. Their fast-paced growth presented challenges related to cash flow management, compliance, and tax planning.
The Challenge
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As Luke and Kate's fitness empire expanded, they faced several significant challenges:
  • Cash Flow Management: Scaling their business required substantial investments in gym equipment and facilities. Effective cash flow management was paramount.
  • Accurate Bookkeeping: They needed precise and timely bookkeeping and financial data to ensure compliance and make informed business decisions.
  • Tax Planning: Being on the front foot with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) was crucial. They wanted to know what taxes were upcoming and budget accordingly.
  • Exit Strategy: Eventually, when the time came to sell their businesses and move closer to their families, they needed to minimize the tax implications.
Our Solution
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Watson & Watt provided Luke and Kate with comprehensive accounting, tax, and business consulting services, addressing their unique challenges:
Accounting & Tax
We managed BAS, income tax, and financial statements, ensuring compliance and financial accuracy.
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Tax Planning
Our strategic tax planning provided insights to optimize cash flow and tax liabilities.
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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Concessions
We leveraged our expert knowledge of CGT concessions to minimize the tax implications of the business sale.
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The results
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Our partnership had a significant impact on Luke and Kate:
  • Confidence in Numbers: They had confidence in their financial data, allowing them to maintain compliance and fuel business growth.
  • Cash Flow Success: Effective cash flow management allowed them to fit out gym spaces and expand their fitness empire.
  • Tax Readiness: Staying on the front foot with the ATO ensured they were always aware of upcoming tax obligations.
  • Successful Exit: We helped them maximize the cash proceeds from the sale of their successful businesses, setting them up for the next chapter of their lives.
Luke and Kate's success story is a testament to how expert guidance and comprehensive support can help passionate entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and secure their financial future. If you're seeking to navigate the challenges of business growth and exit planning, contact us today.