Client Background
We are for business owners, the ones who had a dream...
DataSights, founded by Kev in 2017, revolutionized the world of data analytics by offering a highly scalable, self-service data automation platform. However, as a one-person army, Kev found himself juggling multiple roles, from coding and sales to marketing and bookkeeping.
The Challenge
Don’t settle for anything less than achieving that dream
As a bootstrapped startup, Kev faced two significant challenges. First, he needed to ensure his tax obligations were well-managed to avoid any unexpected financial setbacks. Second, he wanted to regain focus, prioritize tasks, and be held accountable for achieving his business goals.
Our Solution
We're your financial performance partner, offering expert advice
Enter Watson & Watt, providing DataSights with tailored support across accounting, tax, and business consulting services:
Accounting & Tax
We manage BAS, income tax, and financial statements.
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Tax Optimisation
We helped Kev proactively plan and minimize taxes
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Our team took over the bookkeeping responsibilities.
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Business Consulting
We implemented an accountability program, conducted performance check-ins, and provided ad hoc strategic guidance.
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The results
We are doing right, only doing it once
Our comprehensive services had a transformative impact on DataSights:
  • Financial Clarity: Kev enjoys up-to-date financial data and has never had a surprise tax bill. He has a clear understanding of when taxes are due, enabling effective budgeting and cash flow management.
  • Growth: DataSights achieved remarkable year-on-year growth, expanding its team and businesses worldwide. With newfound clarity and support, Kev was free to focus on innovation and scaling his business.
Partnering with Watson & Watt was a game-changer for DataSights. Their expertise in accounting, tax planning, and business consulting allowed me to take control of my finances and set my business on a path to sustained growth. I can't thank them enough!