Client Background
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Biztech Lawyers is a rapidly expanding international technology and business law firm, offering a seamless global solution for tech companies worldwide. As they experienced impressive growth, they encountered unique challenges related to managing finances, compliance, and international partnerships.
The Challenge
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As its global footprint expanded, they faced several complex challenges:
  • Managing Growth: Scaling the business while maintaining financial control and compliance was a formidable task.
  • International Operations: Working with partners in different countries introduced complexities related to compliance and financial management.
  • ERP Transition: The firm was in the process of transitioning to an ERP system, requiring meticulous bookkeeping and accurate financial data.
  • Financial Clarity: Needed real-time, accurate financial data for decision- making, and cash flow management.
Our Solution
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Watson & Watt provided Biztech Lawyers with tailored accounting, tax, and business consulting services to address their specific challenges:
Accounting & Tax
We manage Australian BAS, income tax, and financial statements, ensuring compliance and financial accuracy.
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Tax Planning
Our strategic tax planning optimized their financial resources.
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We meticulously handle bookkeeping for multiple entities across different countries within their ERP system.
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Business Consulting
We conducted performance check-ins, monthly finance meetings, and provided ad hoc guidance to support their global operations.
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The results
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Our partnership resulted in;
  • Financial Clarity: Biztech Lawyers now possesses continually updated financial data, enabling precise financial performance management, and cash flow control.
  • Compliance: Tax lodgements are consistently on time, providing directors with confidence to focus on business growth and client support.
  • Global Awareness: Monthly finance meetings ensure that directors are well- informed about financial performance both at the country level and within the global business.
The success of Biztech Lawyers showcases how strategic financial management, international expertise, and ERP transition support can enable a fast- growing global firm to thrive. If you're seeking financial clarity and support for your global business ambitions, contact us today.