Client Background
We are for business owners, the ones who had a dream...
AAKO Construction, a distinguished boutique residential builder specializing in high-end homes, was the brainchild of its founder, Luke. While Luke's passion lay in building exquisite homes, the burden of managing everything from client meetings, trades on site, to bookkeeping and taxes weighed him down.
The Challenge
Don’t settle for anything less than achieving that dream
As the driving force behind AAKO Construction, Luke faced a significant challenge:
  • Tax Concerns: Luke wanted to focus on what he loved—building high-end houses. The last thing he wanted was to worry about taxes and compliance. He sought a solution to keep his tax matters up-to-date and hassle-free.
Our Solution
We're your financial performance partner, offering expert advice
Watson & Watt provided Luke and AAKO Construction with tailored accounting, tax, and business consulting services:
Accounting & Tax
We manage BAS, income tax, and financial statements, ensuring compliance and financial clarity.
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Tax Planning
Our strategic tax planning ensured proactive tax management and optimization.
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Business Consulting
We introduced an accountability program, conduct financial performance check-ins, and provide ad hoc guidance to address Luke's specific needs.
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The results
We are doing right, only doing it once
Our partnership with AAKO Construction has had a profound impact:
  • Stress-Free Taxation: Tax lodgements have remained up-to-date, freeing Luke from tax-related worries.
  • Time Reclaimed: With our support, Luke now has more time to do what he enjoys most—building high-end houses, spending time with his family and surfing.
AAKO Construction's success story exemplifies how partnering with experts in accounting and tax can empower business owners to focus on their true passion and achieve their goals. If you're seeking a path to worry-free tax management and more time for what you love, contact us today.