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Establishing a small business is no mean feat and any entrepreneur who sets out to create their own empire deserves a lot of respect. The initial couple of years are a period of sink or swim, some succeed, many fail. How can you ensure to be an SME that succeeds? Ask for help.

Whether it’s your first time to set-up your own company or whether you are a serial entrepreneur, starting a small business is a challenge. However, the Watson & Watt team are here as your small business consulting experts.

What Business Consulting Can Do For You

Running a small business can be a world away from running a large organisation. As small business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to be responsible for every aspect of your own business from finding new customers to doing your own accounts.

That’s why we’re perfectly placed to offer real and relevant small business consulting services that are based on personal experience. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, you need strategies to expand your customer base or you’re a new start-up needing advice on the legal aspects of setting up a business, Watson & Watt are here to help.

What Our Business Consulting Services Consist Of

As leading business setup consultants and expert business consultants in Brisbane, we can provide the advice, expertise and assistance you need to be on a straight path to success.

Small Business Consultants Brisbane, QLD

As the leading provider of business consulting services Brisbane has to offer, we’re not the kind of guys who sit around and charge by the hour to talk “big picture” all the time. We listen intently to your goals and objectives, do our research and provide detailed advice on the exact steps that you need to take.

Remember, Watson & Watt were once a start-up too and we have navigated the challenges, innovated and excelled to develop a business consulting and accountancy firm with a strong client base that is consistently growing. We’re an SME too so we completely understand the needs of small business owners.

We Can Help Small Businesses & SMEs

You’ve followed your dream and we want to help you realise it. If you’ve had the courage and determination to set up your own business, you deserve a helping hand to make sure you reach your goals and make your plans a reality.

Our small business consultants in Queensland will work to clarify your specific vision, identify your position and opportunity in the market, develop a realistic short term and long term business strategy, demonstrate what each decision and step of the strategy will mean financially for your business and work to keep you accountable to your goals.

We don’t operate like the typical pay-per-hour small business consulting services you may have come across in the past. We pride ourselves on building relationships and developing partnerships. We want you to achieve business success as much as you do. That’s why we’re in this business.

Advisors Who Know How To Help

Naturally, the vast majority of small business owners will have one eye on their budget at all times. You know that cash is the lifeblood of your enterprise and that staying in the black is the best way to ensure that your doors remain open. That said, thinking about the way your cash works for you the kind of thinking that can see it go a whole lot further.

Here at Watson & Watt, we believe that spending is a necessary part of a business and that there is much to be gained by smart investments at the right time and given the right opportunity. With that in mind, consider the impact of having professional advisors for small business sitting down to discuss your business, the goals you have, where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exist, and how you can streamline your approach to maximise the return on the resources you have.

We begin with the end in mind. With a clear direction in place, you are more likely to take risks and jump at opportunities that arise over the course of the year that may seem like they might generate new business but take the focus off your core strengths.

Our approach is to work with you to redesign your business so that its performance levels improve. Through identifying your IMPACT areas, that is, the areas that make a direct contribution to achieving your goals, we can then look toward creating an effective strategy that is realistic and achievable.

Strategic Business Setup Consultants For Start Ups

When starting your own business, there’s a lot to learn. With the Watson & Watt business consulting team working alongside you, all you have to do is ask us anything you need to know. You can literally ask us about anything – tax advice, business strategy, financial compliance and legislation, financial statements, budgeting as well as business planning. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll quickly find out for you.

In the early days of your new business, making the right decisions is vital, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of the business.

As the top business consultants in Brisbane, we will work with you to establish strong financial foundations, ensuring you can navigate the cashflow issues, invoice payment problems, overstock dramas, taxation troubles and investment errors that typically draw the downfall of new start-ups.

Starting a new business requires putting your best foot forward from the get go. Let’s work together to set your business on a smooth and steady path to success. It’s time to partner up!

Professional Advisors for Small Business

Starting a business is a daunting prospect and a challenge that many Australians undertake every year. The stark reality of this endeavour is that out of all those that will commence business today, almost fifty per cent of them will no longer exist in just three years.

We all look up to and admire those major brands that famously started out in suburban garages only to become leaders in their field. But, how did they succeed where so many others failed? The likelihood is that they sought out a business advisor in Brisbane during their infancy and combined with a lot of hard work and a pinch of luck, success was their eventual, and somewhat inevitable, reward.

At Watson & Watt, we are Australia’s small business champions. As a team of consultants, strategists and taxation and accountancy experts, we strive to deliver a greater value proposition to our clients. We understand that you have many pressures, many things to think about and a limited amount of resources available to make it all work. We also know how you can leverage what you have to ensure that you not only turn a profit but develop and grow your business at a pace that is sustainable.

Talk To A Business Advisor Today

At Watson & Watt, we have worked with plenty of Australian entrepreneurs, just like you, who initially were keeping things going but hoped that they could sustain into the next year. Hope isn’t something that will result in anything meaningful for your business and we aim to do for you as we did for them and create assurances based on a strong strategy and a blueprint for the coming months and years.

As a business owner, you want to feel that you are in control of your finances and that you are steering your endeavour toward success. All you have to do to get this kind of control in your life is take the first step toward it by booking a FREE 30-minute strategic consultation with our team. We are professional advisors for small business, and we know how to help you become more than a statistic. We want to help you work toward becoming a business model for success that other Australian entrepreneurs will want to emulate in future years. 

[Who are we?]

We know you're not Googling accountants for fun.  

You're here because you're not getting the advice, service or help you want.  

Maybe you're just starting out, or maybe you've been doing whatever it is you do for years.  Either way you're looking for an accountant that will be right for your business.

There's thousands of accountants you can work with, and of course we do all the usual stuff you'd expect from an accountant like financial statements, tax returns, fringe benefits tax, Business Activity Statements, tax planning and more.  

There's nothing special about any of that, so how are we different?

Honestly we're not for everyone - and not everyone is for us.

If you're looking for a super serious, iron your undies bean counter - we're not it.

If you're looking for down to earth, practical people, who believe you can have a personality and still be professional - then we're in with a shot. Because all tax accountants can do a tax return - it's the relationship you have with your advisor that matters.

More than filing in forms

We've got more to offer to businesses than just filing in forms.  We work with business owners to set a tax strategy, and then implement it.    But to plan your taxes we need to know you, whether you want to reinvest in the business, take more cash off the table for your personal life or start a whole new business. Once we know what you want to do, we work with you to do it in the most tax effective manner.

A Safe Set of Hands

The right accountant for you is the one you trust. You should be able to trust they will get your tax returns, Business Activity Statements, and Fringe Benefits taxes lodged on time and correctly.  You shouldn't have to second guess whether they've got your affairs under control. You've got enough to do running your business, you shouldn't have to worry about your accountant too.

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What we offer

Clear Vision

Get complete clarity on what you want your business to achieve and what that means for you. Without a clear idea of your destination you can't make a plan to get there.

Solid Foundations

You can't build on weak foundations.  You need the right structure, and systems in place for the business you want to build.

Finding Your Impact Areas

In your business, there are areas that can have massive impact to your success.  We help you find them.


Accountability breeds discipline. And discipline is the key between achieving your goal and mediocrity. 

See How Easily You Can [Achieve Your Goals]

Set a goal, make a plan, execute the plan. Sounds simple -  and it is. But business can be hard, and it's easy to focus on what's in front of you today, instead of things that move the needle for tomorrow. That's where we come in.   

About our team

We're for business owners.  The ones who had a dream and are out there trying to build it day after day.  The ones who won't settle for anything less than achieving that dream, and the ones who are ready, willing and able to do the hard work necessary.....

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Thank you so much for rescuing me

"I'm so much happier having Watson & Watt in my corner. No word of a lie.

 see how successful businesses 

[Become Successful Businesses]

Our method is an easy to follow system that every business must take to succeed.  All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order at the right time. 

Set Your Vision

Being in business shouldn't be like going for a Sunday drive - just cruising around with no fixed destination.  To succeed you need to know where you want to go.  We help business owners work out what they actually want from their business and when.

Make Strategic Choices

Once you know where you want to go, you need to make choices on how to get there and when.  We help business owners understand the choices available, their likely consequences (good and bad) and help them decide which one is best for them and why.

Know Your Numbers

Successful business owners know what moves the needle and what's just noise.  We help business owners cut through the noise and understand which areas have massive impact on financial performance and how to leverage them.

Plan it. Do it. Refine it.

You can have the best strategy in the world but if there is no plan to get it done, then it won't get done.  We help write the practical,  actionable, plan to get what needs to be done, done and then we keep you accountable to actually doing them.

Happy Customers

Over the last 3 years, Nathan has assisted as our accountant as well as led monthly advisory meetings to assist in our companies strategy and growth! We’ve managed to exceed our original targets and appreciate his goal oriented approach. We highly recommend Watson & Watt!

Genny Kroll-Rosen

Watson & Watt has been great to deal with and we look forward to continuing to work with them. Nathan has helped us with everything from the day-to-day management of our business to long-term strategies. I would highly recommend Watson & Watt to any businesses looking for a fresh approach to accounting and business consulting.

Melissa Park

Nathan added value right from the start. He thinks around a problem rather than just attacking it, and in doing so has provided clear-sighted, refreshing thinking to my business. 

Melissa Donnelly



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