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You didn't go into business to worry about tax.  We work with business owners to get them - and keep them -  up to date with their taxes and on the front foot with the ATO.

Know what you're paying, why, and when it's due.

[Small Business Accounting In Ballina]

If you’re a small business owner in the Ballina - Byron Bay area, you may not like the idea of signing up with a large accountancy firm where you’re just a little fish in a big pond. As your local small business accountants, Watson & Watt accountants Ballina aim to help small businesses to grow and prosper with a range of small business accounting and business advice services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Tax Accountant In Ballina For Your Small Business

Here at Watson & Watt tax accountants Ballina we pride oursleves on being responsive, proactive and keep you fully informed on all financial matters concerning your business. You won’t have to spend timing chasing us, sending e-mail after e-mail, making call after call, to get an answer about your accounts. Small business accounting in Ballina will answer all client queries within 24 hours, answering most same day. We offer the full end-to-end capabilities and responsiveness of a full in-house accounting team, without the commitment and crippling financial outlay of paying huge salaries.

End to End Accounting Serving Ballina, NSW

Some accountants in Ballina only handle tax returns. Some will only take on BAS preparation tasks. At Watson & Watt, we do it all. We can take on all and any accounting tasks relating to your business.

Accountants Ballina Business Owners Turn To

Starting and running a small business is a significant undertaking, but one which can reap huge personal and professional rewards. The key to success is to know when to lean on other for help and advice. This matters most when it comes to financial and accounting matters. Poor decisions or advice on accounting matters can lead to the downfall of an SME so it’s important to find a partner with the expertise and experience to provide the strategy, advice and direction you need to grow your business.

Outsourcing your small business accounting Ballina business owners trust to Watson & Watt, is the smart, affordable way to ensure your accounts are handled by qualified, experienced experts. Allow us to take the stress and strain of managing financial matters away.

We’ll look after your weekly bookkeeping keep your ledgers up to date, and record all receipts and payments. Our accountants will fully manage all financial statement preparation, including business activity statement preparation and filing each quarter.

We’ll take care of all your tax matters too, included dread preparation and filing tax returns. No more late nights trawling through receipts, trying to determine closing balances and calculate your tax liabilities. No more lengthy calls to the Australian Tax Office, no worrying about missing tax return or financial statement deadlines. When you work with Watson & Watt tax accountants Ballina, every single accounting obligation falls into our expert hands.

We’re meticulous with attention to detail and have extensive experience in managing small business accounting so our clients enjoy great peace of mind that their accounting matters are in safe hands. They’re free to solely focus their energy and attention on driving their business forward.

If your business is located north of Ballina we have Gold Coast accountants as well as Brisbane accountants who will be happy to offer you an obigation free consultation.

Watson & Watt act as financial advisor and accounting expert for many small businesses in the wider Ballina area. We’re the trusted advisor SMEs can rely when they have accounting questions, need financial planning assistance or advice on how to drive their business forward.

[Who are we?]

We know you're not Googling accountants for fun.  

You're here because you're not getting the advice, service or help you want.  

Maybe you're just starting out, or maybe you've been doing whatever it is you do for years.  Either way you're looking for an accountant that will be right for your business.

There's thousands of accountants you can work with, and of course we do all the usual stuff you'd expect from an accountant like financial statements, tax returns, fringe benefits tax, Business Activity Statements, tax planning and more.  

There's nothing special about any of that, so how are we different?

Honestly we're not for everyone - and not everyone is for us.

If you're looking for a super serious, iron your undies bean counter - we're not it.

If you're looking for down to earth, practical people, who believe you can have a personality and still be professional - then we're in with a shot. Because all tax accountants can do a tax return - it's the relationship you have with your advisor that matters.

More than filing in forms

We've got more to offer to businesses than just filing in forms.  We work with business owners to set a tax strategy, and then implement it.    But to plan your taxes we need to know you, whether you want to reinvest in the business, take more cash off the table for your personal life or start a whole new business. Once we know what you want to do, we work with you to do it in the most tax effective manner.

A Safe Set of Hands

The right accountant for you is the one you trust. You should be able to trust they will get your tax returns, Business Activity Statements, and Fringe Benefits taxes lodged on time and correctly.  You shouldn't have to second guess whether they've got your affairs under control. You've got enough to do running your business, you shouldn't have to worry about your accountant too.

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What we offer

Up To Date & Squeaky Clean With The ATO

Getting behind on your taxes can bury you.  We work hard to get you up to date and on the front foot with the ATO. That means no more worrying about what's due, when and how much. 

Direct Access To Experienced Advisors

We're a small team, and all our clients enjoy working directly with the most experienced advisors. That means you're only a call or email away from the help you need.

Practical & Straight Talking Advice

We give it to you straight, in plain English.  Whether it's changes in the legislation, or how transactions are taxed, we're focused on how it practically effects you and yours.

We Know The People You Need To Know

We've forged a network of people we trust.  So whether you need a lawyer, mortgage broker, paint manufacturer or anything in between, chances we know one.

See How Easily You Can [Get on Top of Your Taxes]

We specialise in making life easier for business owners by taking control of their accounting and tax needs.  See how we can make your life easier too. 

About our team

We're for business owners.  The ones who had a dream and are out there trying to build it day after day.  The ones who won't settle for anything less than achieving that dream, and the ones who are ready, willing and able to do the hard work necessary.....

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Thank you so much for rescuing me

"I'm so much happier having Watson & Watt in my corner. No word of a lie.

 see how easy it is to 

[Stay On Top of Your Taxes]

By taking control of your lodgement program we keep you on track and up to date year in, year out. Here's how we make it easy.


For those who just need a bit of help or don't have the time to keep their records up to date.  We process transactions weekly, so you'll always know where you're up to.

Business Activity Statements

More than just a click of a button from your software, we check your transactions and do some checks and balances to ensure you're only paying what you need to.

Financial Statements & Tax Returns

The main course of accounting and tax, this is where we prepare profit and loss and balance sheet, overlay the tax legislation and put all that into the right places in your tax return.

Tax Planning

Tax isn't a mystery.  We know how it's calculated and we know when it's due, so say goodbye to surprise tax bills

Happy Customers

We are SO glad we switched accountants and began using Watson & Watt. Nathan has been incredible from the start, we could not recommend more highly. Also, with all the confusion regarding COVID-19 and businesses, Nathan has been on top of it from day one, and has guided us through a difficult time and make it so much easier and less stressful to navigate. We're so grateful for all the assistance and information provided.

Angela Honeywell

The Happy Goods Co

Nathan knows his stuff.  Easy to talk to, happy to help wherever necessary and most importantly, is a fantastic accountant.  Highly recommend!

Laz Smith

Apero Label

Watson & Watt have been helping us right from the start.  He has helped us get our structure right, set up companies, sort out our taxes and BAS and assist us with all our Xero questions.  He gives us practical advice and avoids all the jargon and complication.  Having Watson & Watt as our advisors just makes life easier.

Adam Hankinson

F45 Chermside



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