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BAS Agent

Any business registered for goods and service tax (GST) needs to submit a Business Activity Statement to the Australian Tax Office. This statement enables businesses to report and pay their GST, pay as you go tax instalments and withholding tax as well as other taxes due. However, this is where it gets complicated. Using a BAS agent will take the stress out of these quarterly ATO obligations.

If you dread having to sit down and attempt to complete the various elements of your business activity statements every quarter, it’s time to outsource this tricky task to the experts.

Why Should I Work With A BAS Agent?

There are various different forms which businesses can complete and although BAS statements are traditionally issued quarterly, some parts of it are required to be submitted annually while others need to be submitted quarterly. Before you panic, know that is help at hand. When you have queries or concerns about completing and issuing your BAS or need help filling out your business activity statements in Brisbane, Watson & Watt are your local BAS agent in Brisbane.

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Find Out How To Transform Your Business Into A Well-Oiled Profit Generating Machine That Rakes In Money On Autopilot!

BAS Agents Servicing Brisbane

As a registered tax advisor, we’ve completed hundreds of business activity statements for clients so we know the form and the requirements inside out and are fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle any BAS query or requirement.

Hassle Free BAS Statements Brisbane

Every year businesses throughout the country are faced with completing and filing their business activity statements (BAS Brisbane). While initially, this may seem like a task that can be handled in-house, once face-to-face with this serious legal document, the reality of what is required quickly becomes apparent. If you are getting ready to prepare a BAS for your Brisbane business, then you really need to think seriously about who is going to complete the work. Read More

At Watson & Watt, we are the help businesses with BAS in Brisbane. Having worked our way up from a family of small business owners, we appreciate that sometimes the budget dictates the choices that you make. However, when it comes to preparing your BAS in Brisbane, choosing an unregistered bookkeeper over a registered agent could cost you more money in the long run.

Since the ATO regulated the bookkeeping industry a certain professional standard is required for those that complete the BAS for a company. The reason why is because many inexperienced bookkeepers acting in good faith in the past, ended up costing their employers a lot of money as a result of the unprofessional work that they completed.

A professional was usually required to clean up the mess in the aftermath of the errors being highlighted and this brought both more expense and stress. We want to afford you the chance to avoid these problems and get on with doing what you do best.

Reduce GST Payemenst With Your Business Activity Statements Brisbane

There’s no getting around lodging your BAS. Unfortunately, failure to lodge a business activity statement can result in financial penalties and is highly frowned upon by the Australian Tax Office. With running a small business, you don’t need the extra hassle of paying BAS penalties and getting a telling off from the tax office.

We’re known as the specialists in BAS statements Brisbane wide, helping SMEs from various sectors to ensure on time, accurate preparation and filing of business activity statements every quarter. Even better for you, when you acquire the help of a registered BAS agent to complete your statement, you get an additional four weeks extension to submit your BAS payments – that four week extension can go a long way in easing cash flow for small business owners.

Benefits of Hiring a BAS Agent

When you need BAS statements in Brisbane, the team here at Watson & Watt are your best possible choice. Our tax specialists are motivated to help our clients, whether that is in the completion of the financial duties, or growing their business, or both at the same time. We are a registered Tax Agent, which means that once you hand the task over to us you can feel confident that it will be completed with meticulous attention to detail and absolute precision.

If you have a concern about how well maintained your data file is, or if this is your first time to approach what can be a complicated process, then we are here to relieve you of that burden and get everything into good order. We afford all our new clients a free 30-minute consultation, to begin with, so that we can get a sense of what your needs are, and so that you can learn about the many advantages you stand to gain by working with us. Read Less

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Find Out How To Transform Your Business Into A Well-Oiled Profit Generating Machine That Rakes In Money On Autopilot!

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