How Many Sales Do You Need To Make The Money You Want?

I’ve got an easy question for you; How much money do you want to make? Got it? Let’s try something a little harder. Do you know what sales you need make for that to happen? If you’re like most business owners I meet, you’re shrugging your shoulders right now. Obviously, the problem with that is…

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How Much Tax Do You Pay On Dividends?

A common question we get from people is how much tax they need to pay if they were issued with dividends from their company. In reality the tax treatment is fairly straightforward – once you get your head around the Imputation System Australia uses to ensure we aren’t double taxed on the income. So first…

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How Your Business Will Beat Your Competitors

Have you ever given thought to what your offering your customers? I mean, more than the names of the products and services you provide? What is it they are actually buying? As the old saying goes, people don’t want a drill. They want a hole in the wall. So yes, you might sell drills, but…

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