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How many sales do you Actually need?

I’ve got an easy question for you;

How much money do you want to make?   Got it?

Let’s try something a little harder.

Do you know what sales you need make for that to happen?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re shrugging your shoulders right now.

Obviously, the problem with that is that you have no idea, and consequently no plan, on how to make that much money.  You’re using hope as your strategy and just waiting for a miracle to happen, just work hard, hustle 25/8 and it’ll all work out right?

Sorry. You’re Wrong.


 Good people, with lots of potential and plenty of hustle have used hope as their strategy too.

The statistics tell us, for the vast majority this doesn’t end well. 45% of all new businesses starting today won’t be here in just 3 years. Opportunity + plus hard work fails to consider the fundamental components before that. Direction and Focus.

You can be busy, but not effective

Treading water is hard work, but the only place you’ll go is where the tide takes you. And that’s fine if you’re waiting for someone to rescue you. But here’s the inside mail. No one is coming.

So if you want to stop drifting with the tide, if you truly want to rescue yourself, then you’re going to need a plan.  

And once you know what sales you need, your business strategy gets easier, you’ll know how many staff you need, what sort of premises you’ll need, what sort of systems and process you’ll need and what marketing you need to do.

You can forget about all the other noise and just focus on the things that matter. Social, digital, networking, organic, paid, skywriting. There is so much you can do, and only a few that you need to.

knowing your sales targets gives you


Know with certainty the numbers ​you need to hit


Know exactly which things to focus on to generate the sales you need.


Know exactly which levers to pull to start growing your sales

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