Written by Nathan Watt

One thing I hear a lot is that people think it’s a major hassle to change accountants and I was in need of a blog topic, so I put two and two together (because as an accountant I can do that you know) and Voila! A brand new extremely valuing providing blog.

So how do you change accountants?

You might be surprised, that you don’t need to do much at all; Google them, stalk them on Linkedin, ask your friends and family, and go on a few dates. Pick one you like, the one you think knows what they are talking about and can actually help you achieve what you want to achieve and who’s pricing/value proposition matches up with what you want/need and then ask them to go steady.

It’s really that simple.

Once they say squeal and yes, it’s time to rip off that band aid and break up with you current accountant. Depending on how long you’ve been with them and the state of the relationship when you’re leaving an email along the lines of this will suffice;


Hey Billy-Bob,


We need to talk, I think we should see other people. It’s not me, it’s you. We’ve just grown apart and want different things. Anyway, they’ll be at your place in 5 to pick up my things.

No hard feelings. Friends?



The harder bits are mostly left to the accountant you are transferring to. They’ll contact your old accountant, ask for a bunch of important documents to be sent over post haste and then ask you for access to your accounting software, add your details to a squillion pieces of software, send you a bunch of forms to notify the ATO and ASIC that they are now in fact, the big dog, and start getting to know you and your history.


That’s it really. So since you’re already here, maybe check out our business accounting and tax services to see if we can go steady.

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