Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Accounting for GST and lodging monthly or quarterly Business Activity Statements can be a serious time drain for small and medium sized business owners. Watson & Watt is a Goods and Services Tax specialist providing Brisbanewith independent, experienced, and well researched guidance. Our specialists will not only ensure you have the right GST procedures in place to save you time, but we will also make sure your GST reporting is structured to best suit your specific business needs.

Watson & Watt offers you the leading business GSTservice in Brisbane to make tax time a breeze for you and your business. Our expert business tax accountants will ensure your business is tax compliant, give you the right advice to minimize your tax burden, and negotiate the complicated world of business taxation while keeping you focused on what you do best.

How Watson & Watt Can Help You?

We specialize in business and individual taxation, and our tax accountants in Brisbane will work closely with you to prepare your Business Activity Statements, manage your GST responsibilities, complete your company tax returns, and ensure you are operating with confidence all year round.


In the GST service process, we use your financial statements and calculate how much GST you have received from customers and how much you have paid to suppliers. The net difference is what is to be paid to the government and we ensure all of these figures are 100% accurate every time. Whilst the GST rate in Brisbane is 10% like the rest of the country, there are a few things that are exclusive to QLD that most people may not know.