Financial Statement Preparation

Do you need to get a bank loan for a project or purchase? Are you hoping to get investors and raise capital for your small business? No matter where you look towards for funding, you will need to provide financial statements to prove the financial health of your company.

At Watson & Watt, we provide several levels of financial statement services, including Audit, Review, Compilation, and Attest which ensures that your finances are being managed by the experts who care about making your business succeed. Now you can easily access your financial information at anytime and anywhere with our monthly financial statement preparation and full-service accounting. As each company has unique attributes and needs, it is important to consider what level of assurance is needed to meet your company’s needs.

The Need for Financial Statement Preparation

The Corporations Act 2001 and The Company’s Constitution require directors of companies to prepare financial records for Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). However, the agreement of each trust can be different, but they all require the trustees to determine the net income. This can easily be done through preparing the financial statement.


Superannuation Industry Standards Legislation 1993 and Superannuation Industry Standards Regulations 1993 require all Superannuation Funds to prepare and maintain financial records and have them audited. This can also be settled by Financial Statement Preparation.

How Watson & Watt Will Help You

At Watson & Watt, we offer financial statement preparation and reconciliation to help our clients comply with two key financial statements: Profit and Loss, and the Balance Sheet. Our highly skilled accountants will take care of your data by preparing monthly financial statements. In this process, we take your data and reconcile it back to supporting documentation, apply the accounting standards as they apply to your entity, make financial statement notes, and make it all look pretty!At the end of the process, you will receive reports telling you how your entity has performed historically.


Watson & Watt’s Financial Statement Preparation service helps to assist you in preparing and presenting meaningful financial statements. It offers an appropriate level of credibility and reliability to investors, creditors or other who wants to evaluate your business.