Education Services Brisbane


Watson & Watt helps to education our clients on simple things that people should know like the difference between a trust and a company, what Pay As You Go Instalments and franking credits are, or what comparison rates are can make a huge difference to your life. Our education services are designed to put you back in control of your business and finances by giving you an understanding of what you are doing and why.


Our Education services are an informal way to learn about your business, your tax obligations and general financial literacy. Of course as part of our Compliance and Consulting services we explain what we are doing and why, but we also offer a more discrete education service, from running inhouse training sessions for your accounts staff, to one-on-one financial literacy sessions we help business and individuals understand the financial world around them so they can make better decisions regarding their financial future.


No you don’t need to cover your books with Contact, but yes you do need to sit up straight and pay attention.


Coming soon we will be releasing a more structured program for learning about and understanding how your income, passive and active, can do more for you.


In early 2018 to help business owners build, grow, and manage their business we will rolling out a program which covers Strategy Development, understanding your numbers, managing staff, and positioning you as a business owner in control of your business.


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