How Much Tax Do You Pay On Dividends?

A common question we get from people is how much tax they need to pay if they were issued with dividends from their company. In reality the tax treatment is fairly straightforward – once you get your head around the Imputation System Australia uses to ensure we aren’t double taxed on the income. So first…

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Are Christmas Gifts For Staff Tax Deductible?

So it’s Christmas and what have you done…..about gifts for your staff.   Pretty sure that’s the original line Lennon had and Yoko made him change it.  Anyway, it’s a good question, the people you employ are using their days in the mortal realm to help you run your business, so idk, seems like a…

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A Guide To Superannuation For Small Business

Superannuation has been around a while now. The earliest instances can actually be traced back to Federation in 1900. If you’re really keen on the history you can check it out here. It only became mandatory in 1992 as a strategy to reduce the pension liabilities on the public purse. Whether it is achieving this…

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