Are Christmas Gifts For Staff Tax Deductible?

So it’s Christmas and what have you done…..about gifts for your staff.   Pretty sure that’s the original line Lennon had and Yoko made him change it.  Anyway, it’s a good question, the people you employ are using their days in the mortal realm to help you run your business, so idk, seems like a…

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What your small business should be doing each month

Another month is over, and you’re on to the next one, days and weeks roll into each other and before you know it, the year is over, and you look to the bank accounts to see if you’ve “made any money”.  Sound familiar? Then your accountant gets started on your tax returns, and has a…

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Why Your Small Business Needs A Forecast

If I told you what your bank balance was going to be in 7 months time.  Would you be able to tell me if I was wrong?  Are you always a little surprised by payments to the ATO, or super? Do you know the months you need to save cash, and the months you’re going…

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