Are Christmas Gifts For Staff Tax Deductible?

So it’s Christmas and what have you done…..about gifts for your staff.   Pretty sure that’s the original line Lennon had and Yoko made him change it.  Anyway, it’s a good question, the people you employ are using their days in the mortal realm to help you run your business, so idk, seems like a…

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The financial reports small business owners must look at

In my last blog I shared with you a month end checklist to help you improve your reporting processes. This was designed to create a structure about how you manage your internal finances. To help you get organised which helps you get on top of your taxation planning and compliance and also to provide relevant,…

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Tax Minimisation and Planning For Small Business

Tax Planning. What a phrase. It gets bandied around a bit, actually, probably just by accountants.  But clients tend to nod their head and agree that yes, if you say we need to plan our taxes, then we probably should. So what the hell are we talking about? In my mind its two-fold; Tax Minimisation…

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