Capital Gain Tax (CGT)

Thinking about restructuring your business? Capital Gains Tax servicechanges for small business. As a business develops over time, many people find that the legal structure they initially adopted for their business is no longer suitable for various reasons.

Are you aware that there are a number of capital gains tax concessions available to small business that has incurred a capital gain from an active asset? At Watson & Watt we offer a full range of Capital Gains Tax Services in Brisbane for businesses and individuals.

Our Services Include:

Professional preparation of your current Capital Gains Tax Rate return service

Application of advanced tax planning techniques

Timely e-filing and/orpaper-filing of tax returns

Tax representation in front of statutory authorities

Capital Gains Tax can be incurred in a vast range of situations. Some common situations are:

The sale of an asset

A change in business structure or share structure

Receiving distributions or dividends from having a share in a company

How Watson & Watt can help you

Our highly skilled specialists have a thorough knowledge of taxation obligations, liabilities, and requirements. With the complete understanding of your business, we prepare a strong strategy to provide your annual tax return in a timely manner with the maximum likelihood of a healthy return. When preparing your financial statement and tax returns, we identify any transactions that may be a capital gains event and take the relevant course of action to ensure you are not caught out in the future.


When you choose Watson & Watt to prepare your capital gains taxes, you are getting a reliable partner who will support you and actively respond to your tax liabilities, with a view to achieve maximumrefunds.