Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is an independent Australian government body that works as a regulator of Australian businesses. ASIC’s main aim is to regulate and impose the company and financial services laws to protect the investors, creditors, and consumers in Australia.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission is liable for the administration of all parts of the following legislation:


Corporations Act, 2001

National Consumer Credit Protection Act, 2009

Insurance Contracts Act, 1984


The Corporations Act 2001 is the key piece of legislation governing company behavior in Australia. This legislation is independent from any tax legislation and essentially dictates the rules on which companies must operate and abide by in Australia. It is designed to protect consumers.

Areas of Responsibility of Australian Securities & Investments Commission:

Financial Services


Financial Literacy

Corporate Governance

Consumer Protection

Securities and Derivatives

How Watson & Watt can help you?

Watson & Watt will help you to understand your obligations, but we also help you with your businesses interactions with the regulator. Most commonly your interactions are advising them of changes to your business like its addresses, directors, shareholder, etc.
Watson & Watt works with you to ensure ASIC is advised of any changes to your business within the appropriate time to ensure that you and your business remains completely ASIC compliant.