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Our Approach We didn’t start this business to be like everyone else. We think people deserve better than slow, expensive and unresponsive accountants. We understand taxes are a pain, compliance is a burden and you wouldn’t want to take business advice from someone who hasn’t changed their own business in the last 20 years. That’s why we are on a mission to shake things up. To get real, practical advice to business owners who want to change their business. Who want business advice from a business person.

Our Services Our services have been designed to make your life easier. We’re all about easy. And transparent. And value for money. So to make it easy, we’ve categorised what we do into 3 components; Click here for more.


Getting and keeping your house in order. From financial statement and tax return preparation, to BAS and SMSF administration, we take care of your compliance obligations, freeing you up to do what you do best.

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Helping you to maximise your investment in your business. You’ve invested a lot. Your time, your money, your family’s future. We get it, we're business people too and that's why we want to help you get the most from what you are putting in. From putting structure around your strategy & intent to crunching the numbers & spotting trends or just chewing the fat with someone interested in your business, our consulting services can be tailored to your needs.

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Why Choose Watson & Watt? Good question. Thanks for asking:

We’re fast

Like Industry-leading fast. We can turn around your compliance and business documents before our competitors have picked it up

We’re responsive & proactive

We hate it when people don't reply for days, weeks, or never. YOU having to do the follow-ups sucks, and that's not us. If we miss your call or you’ve sent us an email, you can expect a reply in 24hrs (most of the time it's the same day!)

We're like your GP

We know a bit about most things to do with business and tax. The things we don't know, we know where to refer you to. And yes you can call us Doctor

Financial Freedom Can Be Anyone's
It Just Takes The Right Advice


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Business is hard. Growing a business is even harder. It takes dedication, persistence, consistency & purposeful action. Hope is not a growth strategy, so don't spend another year hoping for growth. You need to make it happen. Growing fast, growing slow or just plodding along, the economy is what it is, you can't change it or wish it to be different, what you can do is plan for it, and create a way for it to work for you. If you're willing to do the work necessary to be successful, if you are willing to do things differently, if you are willing to take a risk and be vulnerable then we’re willing to help. Click the button below to get started. You won't regret it.

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The Numbers Here is where we are up to so far...

8 Days
Average turn-around time for tax returns and BAS submissions.
The average rate of tax paid across our entire client base.
Number of tax returns we have completed this financial year.
Profit growth of Watson & Watt clients last year.
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Tax Advisor


If you need assistance with your tax returns or you need advice on any aspect of taxation, local tax advisors Watson & Watt offer timely and affordable tax advice in Brisbane.


Whether you need help to submit an individual or business tax return, you need advice on an overdue tax return, or you require assistance to provide corrections to a tax return from a previous year, as your local Brisbane tax advisor we’ll give you all the support you need and more. Our fully qualified tax specialists will not only ensure that you meet all your tax obligations, but we can also show you ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay on an annual basis.


+ Expand

Are you an SME in need of a tax specialist?

As a Brisbane based tax advisor, we specialise in looking after the financial affairs of SMEs in the Brisbane area, offering not just great tax advice but advice about every aspect of running a small business. We’re small business owners ourselves, so we understand the pressure that comes with ensuring that you’re meeting your tax obligations on time, and we also understand the need to make the most of your hard earned dollars.


With this in mind, we provide affordable tax advisory services that will not only keep you up to date with your taxation requirements, but which will offer you strategies to reduce your tax, and improve your bottom line.

Reliable and efficient tax advisory services in Brisbane

Running a small business requires a big investment in time, money and energy. And we should know because we’ve done it. We want to take away the stress of producing and lodging all the necessary tax documentation by doing all the hard work for you.


We can complete and lodge your annual business tax returns, and complete your BAS and SMSF administration too using the latest accounting technology and software to ensure a speedy and accurate process. For us, it’s just all part of a normal day’s work, but you can feel confident that qualified and experienced tax advisors are handling your tax affairs.

Tax advice for new start-up businesses

Setting up a new business can be an exciting but daunting process, especially when it comes to ensuring that you’re meeting all your financial and tax obligations. As new business tax advisors in Brisbane, we can help with all aspects of tax advice, from completing and lodging your tax returns and BAS to tax planning for the future.


We offer affordable tax advisory services that will ensure that you’re not only tax compliant but that you’re making the most of your tax situation, together with unbiased business and accounting advice to ensure that your business gets off to a great start.

Our tax advisors will help you to make the most of your business

Ensuring that your tax returns are accurate and lodged on time is just one aspect of our services. As experienced tax advisors, our goal is to offer strategic tax advice to ensure that your business is running to its full potential. We love nothing better than sitting down with our clients to discuss how you see the future of your business, then coming up with ideas and strategies to turn your vision into reality.


We’ve an excellent reputation for helping business owners throughout the Brisbane area to expand and grow their businesses, while increasing their profits and reducing their tax liabilities. Plus, we’ve built many long-lasting and successful business relationships along the way based on our friendly, down-to-earth manner combined with our professional, specialist tax advice.

Our promise to you as Brisbane tax advisors

As local Brisbane tax advisors we aim to treat all our clients fairly and offer timely and efficient tax advice and accounting services. This means that we always do whatever it takes to deliver the kind of service you would expect from a professional tax specialist, including a timely turnaround of compliance work so that you’ve always got real time information at your fingertips, and prompt responses to your phone calls and queries.


You’ll also get tax and accounting advice which has been tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, and which meets current legislation. When it comes to giving tax advice, we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all tax advice solution, but we base our advice on your business and your business goals.

More than just your average tax advisors

While we are experts in giving up-to-the-minute tax advice, our services go much further than that. We’re here to offer professional advice on all aspects of running your business, especially if you’re a new start-up business or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.


We love nothing more than discovering what makes your business tick and how you’d like it to progress, and offer everything from a professional ear to listen to your business aspirations to advice and information on how to make your finances work for you. We know that having a good understanding of your business finances is key to making your business successful, and we’re here to help you acquire the knowledge that you need.

Set up a meeting with Watson & Watt, your local tax advisors in Brisbane

If you’re looking for expert tax advice from professional tax advisors, Brisbane based clients should get in touch by calling 07 3067 3017. During the meeting we’ll discuss how we can help your business to manage its taxation obligations and how our tax advice and strategies will help propel your business forward.


We’ve a genuine interest in helping local businesses to succeed, and we’d love you to become one of our success stories. If you love to connect on social media, join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, where we post about our business tax advice services, bookkeeping services, business advice services and more.